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We are so clear that we shall dedicated on thin section ball bearings & custom bearings in the future as it has been for more than 20 years. Through stable process during craft procedure,we get better roundness and deformation smaller. Besides normal 67&68 and 69 series, we can produce 78 & 79 series, super slim bearings, cross section bearings. we also developed some Kaydon series by requirements.

Custom made bearing also be our king card. We produce from the factory started more than 20 years. Until now we develop more than 800+ types bearings. We know how and practise prodution of custom bearings makes us advantage in this field. As long as it related to ball bearings, we can do it for you.

Flange type thin section bearings, full balls thin section bearings, special structure ball bearings and rollers, special materials and cages and so on. Every year we develop 20-30 types custom bearings according to customer requirements.

Thin Section Bearings 68 & 69 Series

Kaydon Series Thin Section Bearings

Custom Bearings

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