The application industry of thin section bearings


1.Dressing plant

Mining, rolling machinery equipment of dressing plant


2.Power station

Gas turbine and mechanical equipment. This type machinery needs continuous operation, the bearing capacity is big, assemble and unassemble is trouble. So it needs the bearing quality very stable, wear-resisting and high compressive strength.


3.Printing and packaging industries

Packaging machinery and equipment

Food industry equipment


4.Plastic and chemical fiber

Plastic film drawing needs special bearing and high temperature bearing


5.Exquisite bearings are widely used on toys, clock and watch, electronic parts,audio visual equipment


6.Bearings for textile, washing and dyeing, shoe-making and tobacco machinery. They are small, high efficiency, sturdy and durable and high transmission ratio and low noise.


7.Liquor, beverages and medical equipment


8.Thin section bearings are also widely used on crush machinery, ceramic machinery and biotechnology industrial equipment. The working environment is bad. There is water mist, dust and strong oxidant that require the bearing with strong sealing and reasonable grease.