The characteristic of thin section bearings

Thin section bearings are suit for high speed rotating. They are durable and don’t need maintain regular. Thin section bearings are character with small friction,high ultimate speed ration, simple structure, high precision and low cost. They are widely used on instruments and apparatus, low noise electricity motor, car, motor, chemical machinery, and mechanical. Thin section bearings can bear axial load and certain radical load.


When choose bigger axial backlash, the radical load space will grow. And when bear pure axial strength, the interfacial tension is zero. When release the axial strength, the interfacial tension is above zero. The cages can be ribbon steel retainer, entity cage and nylon cage.


After assembling on the shaft, we can limit the radical offset of shaft or shell in the radical backlash. And then we can do radical location on both axial and radical direction. Besides that thin section bearing has certain self-aligning ability. When there is 2”-10”excursion away from the bearing housing, they can working also. But this affect the working life.


Thin section bearings bear mainly axial load, and when the axial backlash added, they are with some characteristic of angular contact ball bearing that can bear load capacity both axial and radial.


When the speed ration is big, and thrust bearing is not suitable, we can use same specification and size thin section bearings with lower friction and high speed ration to bear pure radical load. But thin section bearings are low impact resistance and can’t bear heavy load capacity.