Thin section bearing is the best combination of rings and balls that lower the weight and space in the premise of high rigidity. Hence, the designer is keeping in the way of using this type bearing to reduce the size of rotating rod and control the product size.

Thin section bearing user is keen hope that the bearing on the machine tool won’t be failure and can keep the dynamic performance in the estimated working life.But the fact is not satisfied, sudden failure of the bearing will bring big lost for the customer. Normally, the bearing temperature can be deduced by the outside temperature. If the out ring temperature can be measured through oil hole will better. Normally the temperature of the bearing will slow rise as the bearing working, and reach steady state after 1-2 hours. The bearing temperature is changing with the machine thermal capacity, heat release, rotate speed and load capacity.

The failure of thin section bearing

If the grease and the installation is not suitable, the temperature of thin section bearing will rise and cause the temperature very high.So it needs stop running and make some necessary steps. Through lots of bearing failure analysis and research, shorter working life or precision lost early is by material defect or inappropriate manufacturing. Failure to install and maintain as required is also the main reason of thin section bearing damage. And the last is the wrong choice of bearing or the load capacity is over the rotated capacity.

Grease choose for thin section bearing

For the heavy load, we should use low-permeability grease for the bearing working in high pressure. Besides that, it needs high oil film strength and extreme pressure. We select grease should by the environment. Albany grease is insoluble in water, so it is better for dry environment.