Thin section bearing families

Thin section bearings are constitute of 7 open series and 5 sealed series thin section bearing families. With inner diameter from 2”-20”and cross section dimensions from 0.250”x0.250” to 1.000”x1.000”. Open series thin section bearing have three structures, radical contact, angular contact and four point contact. Sealed thin section bearing have two structures, radical contact and four point contact.

Thin section bearing material

The material for thin section bearings can be Gcr15 or stainless steel. And the cage material for the bearing can be: brass, stainless steel crown cage, nylon, steel and so on. And the balls material can be Gcr15, stainless steel 9Cr18 and ceramic N4si3.

In order to support different load capacity thin section bearings, there are three structures for choose, radial contact,angular contact and four point contact. In order to keep the clean and good lubrication, the sealed bearing is good.

Thin section charactor

Because the design of bearing with simple, small, light and compact character, thin section bearings are designed with better hardness and thin section and anti friction to meet customer requirements. Thin section bearings can better solve the traditional bearings weight and size problem and also solve the shaft and bearing housing weight and size problem.

The cross section of the bearing is designed with fixed value that is different from standard bearing. In the same series cross section specification is same, it won’t grow when the inner size grow. By using the same series thin section bearings, the designer can make the normal parts become standard. Hollow shaft with bigger diameter can replace small entity shaft. Like air, water pipe and electric wire can be supplied by hallow shaft which make the design more simple.

Thin section bearings can save space, lower weight and friction and supply better running accuracy. Thin section bearings can reduce the outer specification and the cost, if the bearing with same performance and working life as the standard bearing.

Application of thin section bearing

Thin section bearings are widely used on space, astronomical instruments, jig and fixture instruments, food processing machine, glass processing equipment, rotary table, index plate, packing machine, machine tool, medical facility, optical scanning equipment, tire-making equipment, radar satellite communications, robotics, textile machinery, pipe cutting machine, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and separation equipment and so on.