ZMS new website is on line now. After more than one years preparation, our new website is formally on line. Our website is

We are a company that manily engaged in bearings business, especially professional for thin section bearings 68 & 69 series, 78 & 79 series, kaydon series thin section bearings, slim bearings production and designing.

And we also have long production experience in custom made bearings. Every year we developed at least 20 new types bearings according to customers’ requirements. No matter how complex or trifling bearings, please leave them to us. We are so good at them. From material seeking to craftmanship design, we can short the process and save your time and money.

We welcome all the customers contact for inquiry or consulting. We shall timely reply you. We believe as long as your intersted bearings within our thin section series or custom made series, our professional suggestions will satify you.