At ZMS, we apply our engineer and production experience to meet customers’ demanding of thin section bearings challenges. Our solutions can cover the field of aerospace, robotics, textile, mountain bike and other OEM majors.

ZMS thin section ball bearings are offered in radial contact, angular contact, four point contact and sealed radial contact. We can access to different separators,cross section, contact angles shields and seals and balls.

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 We ZMS supply high quality thin section bearings & custom bearings to customers in the world.

Thin Section Bearings 68 & 69 Series

Kaydon Series Thin Section Bearings

Custom Bearings

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose ZMS

 Works on different Applications

Aerospace & Defense

Thin section bearings can meet weight and size reduction requirements while keep the standard load, speed and temperature for aerospace and defense.

Industry Machinery

ZMS supplies various standard and custom bearing solutions to industrial machinery.


Slim thin section bearings are widely used on robotics, because they can meet the demand of light weight to maximize the payload and reduce inertia.

Renewable Energy

Thin section ball bearings are also widely used on solar panel gear boxes.

What we want to say

We always think we are a professional and responsible trader and manufacturer of bearings especially of thin section bearings series in China. Rooted in our rich production experience, we are very confident about our thin section bearings.

What we are seeking is supplying the best quality bearings while can fullfill customers requirements. We are young and mature. As international sales, we just have around 10 years experience, but we have been doing thin section bearings more than 30 years, especially for some experienced workers.

We are so welcome all the customers can get in touch with us, and see if we are a qualified supplier by through sample or small orders.

We keep integrity as the most valuable character, no matter new or old customers, we always treated with honesty and integrity. For customers concerns, if we can do and make agreement with customer, we shall fully and strictly get through it.

If we can’t manage some requirements, we shall frankly telling customer. And we won’t give bigger promise than the ability that might at last leading to bad results.

We think responsible is also very important during the business. Responsible meaning, no matter before sales, in sales or after sales, every process, we will be responsible for the whole business.

Give professional advice, strictly following business procedures, every little change need to ask for the prove from customer, quality checking each process from material purchasing to last finished bearings.

Professional makes business efficient and enjoyable and make the value added. It can be covered, good communication including better using of English, know bearings well, no matter customer mention any point that you can basic know and can get clear knowledge from technicians, quick response, better control the whole process and can give professional advice for customers in advance.

We realized that protect the earth from being contaminated is not only just for one country or one organization. It is whole every person that should treat it serious. For enterprise it is also important to do this, profit is not the only purchase of the business. While it is the base when during the production, we can use environment friendly equipment, and treat the water and air through equipment. What’s more, we sincerely hope that our profit can be shared small part for helping those poor kids far away in the country. We think it is meaningful and makes us really enjoy doing business.


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Custom made bearigs

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