ZMS BEARINGS CO., LTD is one of the best suppliers of  Thin Section Ball Bearings  & Custom Made Bearings in China more than 10 years.

For 68 and 69 series thin section ball bearings, we use very special craftsmanship to make sure stable quality with small deformation and better roundess and runout.  Non standard or special material are ok for us. For custom made bearings, until now we have developed more than 800 types. Actually more than 60% of our out put are non standard ball bearings. We are so professional and experienced in custom bearings.

We export mainly to Europe and North America that keep us better quality in China. Our rich production experience will add more value information for the purchaser or designer.. Nice quality and best price make us very competitive for the market.

ZMS Bearings

ZMS is a professional company that mainly producing thin section ball bearings 68 and 69 series, Kaydon series thin section bearings and custom bearings for more than 10 years. Our advantage in thin section bearings  expertise ,makes the products leading quality in China.

Quality Insurance

We are always serious about products quality and keep customers’ requirements through out the production. We inspect the bearing each process and finally when assembling, we also check each set through inspect machinery.

Manufacturing Facilities

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