ZMS BEARINGS CO., LTD professional supplies thin Section Ball Bearings  & custom Bearings in China more than 20 years.

Our 67&68&69 series thin section bearings with small deformation and better roundess and runout. Full series stocking solve MOQ problem. We are also professional in custom bearings. We have produced 800+ types in 20 years. Nearly 60% of our toal output.

We export mainly to Europe and North America .Our rich production experience will add more value information for you. Best quality & good price make us very competitive for the market.

Manufacturing Facilities

ZMS Value


We strive to be a specialist in thin section bearings & custom bearings field.


Treat each customer with sincere and solve even little concern or worries from customer.


Strictly produce according to procedure and responsible for bearing quality.

Quality Insurance


We have full inspection equipments for thin section bearings & custom made bearings


Qualified goods should be produced. Each process will check & confirm and any problem been found, we will solve this immediately.


With or without experienced workers will decide the bearing quality. Some of our workers follow the factory at the begining to now.

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