ZMS BEARINGS CO., LTD is dedicated on bearings 15 years.

We have strong advantage in thin section bearings and custom bearings. And we can also supply other type bearings including:

Deep groove ball bearing, needle roller bearing, large size bearing, cross roller bearing and slewing bearing. And as time goes on, we shall get into more bearing types in future. We know well the quality level in China, bearing arrangement in China. And we know how to handle the international business regarding to bearings.

We devoted to supply high quality bearings in China to the world. We have been on the way and we shall insist on.

ZMS Value


We strive to be a specialist in bearings’ field.


We have been in bearing business 15years. We were happy to be there and shall still on it.


Treat each customer with sincere and solve even little concern or worries from customer.

Fast response

Service is fast with the email get back in 12hours in a day.

Quality Insurance


Strictly produce according to procedure and China GB standard or customer requirements.


We only purchasing bearing workpieces from big companies in China that will bring safe and qualified bearings.

Material certificate can be supplied based on customer require.


We have full inspection equipments for bearings. And full inspection will be arrange during the whole production process.


Qualified goods should be produced not just by inspected. Each process will check & confirm and any problem been found, we will solve this immediately.

Manufacturing Facilities

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