SKF and SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS CO., LTD deepen cooperation to accelerate the large-scale application of hybrid ceramic ball bearings

SKF and SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS CO., LTD deepen cooperation to accelerate the large-scale application of hybrid ceramic ball bearings

On April 18th, SKF and (hereinafter referred to as “SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS”) officially signed a letter of intent for cooperation on the SKF booth at the Shanghai Auto Show, jointly expanding the prospects for high-quality, localized, and large-scale applications of ceramic balls.

Wang Hui, President of SKF China and Northeast Asia, and Zhang Weiru, Chairman of  SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS led their respective leadership teams to attend the signing ceremony. Through this in-depth cooperation, the two parties will give full play to their advantages in silicon nitride materials, ceramic ball production, and bearing applications, jointly research and develop ceramic balls used in applications including new energy vehicles, precision machine tools, etc., and provide reliable quality hybrid ceramic ball bearing products and solutions for the Chinese market.


Wang Hui, President of SKF China and Northeast Asia

“With the booming development of China’s new energy vehicle industry, the demand for related supporting parts and components has also experienced explosive growth. In order to timely respond to customer needs and efficiently and provide high-quality innovative products such as ceramic ball bearings in high efficiency, SKF has carried out a localization layout of the entire value chain from technology research and development to production and manufacturing.” said Wang Hui, President of SKF China and Northeast Asia.

“Through cooperation with SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS we will take the opportunity of local production of ceramic balls, an important component, to continue to optimize the end-to-end production chain layout and provide strong support to accelerate the development of the new energy vehicle industry.” Wang Hui added.



SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS and SKF have always maintained a good cooperative foundation. Since 2017, SKF’s powder plant Vesta Si in Sweden has supplied high-quality silicon nitride powder to SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS and has continuously helped to improve the quality system, ceramic ball surface inspection capabilities, and optimization of the manufacturing process for SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS.

Last year, SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS officially passed SKF’s ceramic ball inspection requirements and supplied ceramic balls to SKF, becoming the first ceramic ball supplier in China to be included in SKF’s supplier system. The two parties have achieved cooperation from raw material supply to the manufacture of high-quality products.

“Based on the cooperation concept of co-creation and win-win, SKF and SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS have achieved many phased results, providing high-quality and reliable ceramic ball products for many manufacturers. Through this in-depth cooperation, we will comprehensively upgrade production capacity and work with SKF to better serve customers in China and even around the world.” said Zhang Weiru, Chairman of SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS.

As a leading industry leader in the research and production of silicon nitride materials and ceramic ball technology, SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS has leading process technology and innovation capabilities. The deep cooperation between SKF and SINOMA ADVANCED NITRIDE CERAMICS will further ensure the stable supply of high-quality hybrid ceramic ball bearings and empower various industries to “drive” towards a more intelligent and clean future.


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