Robotics bearings
NoBearings Bearings series Application
1Thin section bearingsThin section bearings type X Four point contactIndustrial robot waist, elbow, wrist
Thin section bearings type A Angular contact
Thin section ball bearings
2Thin section crossed roller bearingsThin section crossed roller bearings, super slim seriesIndustrial robotics arms, shoulders, wrist
3RV harmonic reducerThin section bearingsWidely used on industrial robotics harmonic reducer
Cylindrical roller bearings
Tapered roller bearings
Needle roller bearings
4RV harmonic reducer bearingsFlexible bearingsThe joint of harmonic reducer of robotics with medium and small torque

Robotics bearings are characterized with high precision, high rigidity, high reliability, low friction and new material. Because nowadays robotics tends to be light weight which requires the assembling bearings with much lighter structure. Normal bearings are hard to meet the requirements of capacity, precision, rigidity and friction on the limited space. While thin section bearings are characterized with light weight, small volume, high precision and longer life based on the seeking boundary dimension. Robotics bearings are mainly following series: thin section bearings with equal cross section, thin section crossed roller bearings, RV harmonic reducer bearings and Flexible bearings. Most bearings are non standard with more balls craftmanship.

Robotic bearings need to meet the requirement of small volume, light weight, high precision, high capacity and longer life. In order to solve the contradiction of light weight and high performance, we face the challenges following:


  • Design technology: Thin section bearings for robotics needs supply enough capacity plus with accurate position and flexible running. So dynamic load capacity is not the only parameter, but also together with rigidity and friction as the main parameters to carry out the design. At the same time, the deformation of thin wall and the structure needs to consider.


  • Manufacture technology: Thin section bearings are the main robotic bearings. On the manufacturing process, it is very important to make sure the stable performance and low deformation. So we need to continue to improve on following aspects:

    Kaydon series thin section bearings

  1. Dynamic precision inspection
  2. Thin wall rings heat treatment
  3. Precision grinding of bearing rings based on grinding variable layer control
  4. Precision control of thin section bearings clearance
  5. Precision control of angular contact thin section bearings’bulge
  6. Precision assembling of thin section bearings

7.Non contact thin section bearing rings measuring